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Children First believes that all children deserve an opportunity to succeed in life. Our goal is to help foster more prosperous communities, ensuring that all Bakersfield children live in healthy, safe, and nurturing neighborhoods that promote academic achievement and success; and to counter the negative influences of poverty, violence, addiction and abuse that far too many children experience too often in their young lives.

To make a significant, long-lasting change, we believe we build upon our community’s assets -not simply dwell on its deficits. And our best community assets are the families who live within our community.

As a 100 percent volunteer organization, we rely on the generosity of community members to give their time, talent, and financial support to help us fulfill our mission.

Active projects


Children First

We believe that community leaders and stakeholders should consider the wellbeing of children first and foremost.

Parent and Family Engagement

We believe in the value of Parent and Family engagement as it relates to the academic success and social-emotional wellbeing of children.

Community Place-Based Initiative

We believe all children deserve to live in safe, healthy and vibrant neighborhoods. To do this, a focused, long-term effort within a specific geographical area can have a profound impact on our entire community.

Family Asset Building

We believe that it is not enough to provide emergency relief efforts for those experiencing poverty. We must work to help families move out of poverty through asset building.

Every First Monday of the Monthly, 8am-9:30am.

Keep East Bakersfield Beautiful
Monthly Cleanup Day

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Every Third Thursday of the Month

Monthly Food Distribution Event

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Mentorship and Tutoring Programs

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East Bakersfield Annual Festival

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For seven years

Summer Internship Program

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Back-to-School Supply Distribution Annual Event

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