About Us

Our Organization

Children First believes that all Bakersfield children deserve an opportunity to succeed in life. Children First's goals are to create prosperous communities, ensure that all children live in healthy, safe, an nurturing neighborhoods that promote academic achievement and success, and to counter the negative influences of drugs, crime, violence and poverty. 

Staff and Organization

We are an "All Volunteer" non-profit that consists of an Executive Director, an Intern Program, Board Members, and a large volunteer base that includes: BCSD Teachers, Administrators, and Community members.

Our Board

Andrae Gonzales, Executive Director, City of Bakersfield Councilmember 

Abel Moreno, Treasurer, Accountant, Mendez and Associates

Gilbert Gia, Teacher-Retired

Ramona Gia, Teacher-Retired

Mitchall Patel, WIC, CAPK

Carlos Bello, Kern Health Systems, Health Educator

Candy Sandoval, Entrepreneur 

Adrian Sandoval, Entrepreneur


Roni Labajo

Juanita Contreras