Our Research-Based Mission


Children First Campaign believes that all Bakersfield children deserve an opportunity to succeed in life. Our goals are to create prosperous communities, ensure that all children live in healthy, safe, and nurturing neighborhoods that promote academic achievement and success, and to counter the negative influences of drugs, crime, violence and poverty by providing resources and organizational support to their neighborhoods.

Based on a study done by the Case Foundation in 2007 titled Citizen-Centered Solutions: Lessons in Leveraging Public Participation from the Make It Your Own Awards, Children First Campaign implemented the Design Your Own Success Project. The tenets of the study are based on the idea that the most effective way to advance civic engagement is to embed it as an ethos from within communities. This civic engagement will manifest in positive change driven by the very communities that are in need.

​Children First Campaign will compile a 2013 year-end report that documents the percentage of population of the Bakersfield City School District’s service area that encountered the projects within their neighborhoods. The report will also include quantitative and qualitative information on how the projects impacted the participants and neighborhoods. In 2014, our Design Your Own Success Project progress structure will employ strategies from the Robin Hood Foundation’s metrics on accountability. ( Our plans are to be a reflective organization that embraces what needs to be improved within our methods so our program can improve and affect the quality of our sustainability.