Join us as we help clean up our neighborhoods 

to provide for a safer and healthier living for the children of Bakersfield. 

About Dr. Martin Luther King

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. became the predominant leader in the Civil Rights Movement to end racial segregation and discrimination in America during the 1950s and 1960s and a leading spokesperson for nonviolent methods of achieving social change. His eloquence as a speaker and his personal charisma, combined with a deeply rooted determination to establish equality among all races despite personal risk won him a world-wide following. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Price in 1964 and was selected by Timemagazine as its Man of the Year. His “I Have a Dream” speech, which is now considered to be among the great speeches of American history, is frequently quoted. His success in galvanizing the drive for civil rights, however, made him the target of conservative segregationists who believed firmly in the superiority of the white race and feared social change. He was arrested over 20 times and his home was bombed. Ultimately, he was assassinated on April 4, 1968, on the balcony of a motel where he was staying in Memphis. Today we honor his memory by upholding the principles he had of a united world through acts of generosity and service by helping both the children and neighborhoods of Bakersfield.

When and Where


January 21

Location: David Nelson Pocket Park - 1511Niles

From 12 Noon to 2 PM